Star Wars Rebels in Blu-Ray 1080p!!!!

Star Wars Rebels in Blu-Ray 1080p!!!!

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Like all new television drama series, it takes a few episodes to get into the characters, tone and environment to really gauge if it is going to be worth watching. For exceptional TV like True Detective, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Sopranos and even The Simpsons, there comes a magical episode early on that not only confirms this but literally 'hooks' you. Star Wars Rebels, Episode 4 - Rise Of The Old Masters, is that episode!

Unlike the 'all action no content' boy driven Clone Wars animation series, Star Wars - Rebels is a smartly written series for girls and boys alike with wonderfully inventive and often moving characters. Underneath the humour, action and slick animation is simply great storytelling with the same moral compass at it's core, that the first Star Wars trilogy was built on.

Unlike a lot of children's TV, Star Wars - Rebels is not dumbed down. On the contrary it is not afraid to reflect real world events with all it's horrors and Episode 4 is no exception. Rise Of The Old Republic gets pretty dark, when a surprising and somewhat haunting plot reveal brings home the shocking genocide of the Jedi.

Throughout the series, between the light hearted humour and exciting adventure, you genuinely feel moments of danger and oppression for the rebel characters. The Inquisitor, the Empire's new bad guy, is a smart and cunning Charles Dance-like menace that threatens our heroes very existence. If you have children (boys or girls) and appreciate good writing, then this new Star Wars adventure is definitely worth a visit!