Star Wars: Despecialized Edition+Trilogy + Documentaries w/ Special Features

Star Wars: Despecialized Edition+Trilogy + Documentaries w/ Special Features

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Petr Harmáček (known online by the alias "Harmy") had watched a dubbed version of the original cut of Star Wars at the age of six, and had then seen the Special Editions of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi on their 1997 release.[10] Although initially admiring them, he became disappointed when he learned how much the films had been changed retroactively; he argued that replacing the original effects with re-composited digital effects was "an act of cultural vandalism".[9] A fan of the original trilogy, he had written his undergraduate thesis on their cultural impact.[11] After seeing a trailer for Adywan's cut of The Empire Strikes Back, Harmáček was inspired to create a version of the film that "undid" the post-1977 changes and restored the theatrical releases in high-definition.[12] He described his motivation as: "I wanted to be able to show people who haven't seen Star Wars yet, like my little brother or my girlfriend, the original, Oscar-winning version, but I didn't want to have to show it to them in bad quality."[9] Harmáček's edits were the first to recreate the theatrical releases 

This set has ALL 3 Movies,all the special features and all the documentaries!

This 10 disk set will give you hours and hours of pleasure and fun!!

A must for any True Star wars fan!